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Going to a wall unit....advice please.

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Ok, so I want to start off that I am being a good husband and letting my wife get her wall unit she has been wishing for years. I know that they hinder speakers....I don't need any lessons on that I just want sound advice...not opinions please. Here is the unit I am getting.... https://www.furniturefd.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/137/products_id/10181 My I am selling off my polk towers, and center. She did work with me on spending more on the new speakers to get some higher quality stuff. So far I am looking at the KEF Q300 bookshelves and the KEF Q200c center. What sold me on these other than positive reviews is that they are front ported(besides the center). The other recommendation I am looking at is do I put the center in the middle spot below the TV, or higher above the TV??? Also should I look at applying some acoustic panels inside the cabinet where the bookshelves are going??? Or am I really not going to hear a different because the quality in speakers is going up from the polks..somebody please ease my mind here. The wall unit comes next month.

Sound Equipment

Pioneer SC-1523K

Polk TSI500 towers

Polk CS20 center

Wharfedale WH-2 bipole surrounds

Elemental Designs A5-350
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Personally. i would remove the lower of the two shelves on the left and right as required and put the speakers in those spaces; I assume that is what you had in mind.

The KEF Q300 is exactly what I would have recommended, even if you hadn't mentioned them.

They are WAAAAYY better-sounding speakers than the Polks you have...lol. You will like them a lot.

I think I would go with a 2.1 system (or 4.1) and forget the center speaker, which will be too low. Those speakers won't be far enough apart to need one anyway.

A SONY KDF60R550A TV will fit in there perfectly. I just bought one and it is superb in every respect and only cost $1400 from Amazon. It even has good sound (good enough for a lot of routine viewing) if you don't want to turn on the sound system. It also has an analog audio output jack which can be set for a fixed or variable stereo sound output to your amp/receiver, and an optical audio output for more channels.

I use a NHT B12D subwoofer, which comes in a beautiful piano black finish and looks really nice; highly recommended as a decor upgrade and also a sonic upgrade. It is a really excellent sub.

You don't need to do anything with the cabinet where the speakers are going to be; the front-porting eliminates any problem there. Just make sure the front of the speakers protrude out in front of the cabinet to either side very slightly to avoid reflections/diffraction of sound.
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Thanks for the advice. I went listening to some B&W bookshelves, honestly the Martin Logan Motion 15's sounded pretty good, preferred them over the pricier B&W, didn't care for any of the def techs. Have not been able to locate a place where I can audition the KEF's, I will buy through Amazon probably. I'm sure the sound quality will be a notch of two over the Polks. I'm still gonna go with a center, probable located under the tv as high as possible, will have to prop the front up to aim them up a little.
That wall unit is definitely going to limit your choices, What's your budget by the way? There are a lot of nice front-ported book shelf speakers that could work in addition to the already mentioned KEF Q300s (excellent speakers IMHO).
Range is up to $1,300 give or take. I plan on removing one shelf on each side for the bookshelves. The size of the center dictates bottom or top placement.
Music Direct has the Focal 706V or 806V/807V on close-out along with the matching center (limited on finishes though).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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