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Hi Folks,

This has a few pics, so sorry to any dialup users. :)

If you can make some recommendations regarding the ceiling color, soffit color (same or different as ceiling), and GoM colors, I would be grateful. I have some ideas, so I will also bounce them off you.

First off, here is the room.

Here is a pic of where I am so far. (Front View)

(Back View)

There will also be some golden pine furniture in the HT. Basically it is this piece, but it will be slightly modified. For movie time, a screen will drop down in front of this unit.

I will have a tan leather couch curved sectional couch from Klaussner. I think it is from their "Options" group. (no pic yet).

The Carpet is lighter than I wanted, but it will be Kennesaw Snowfall. It is a Berber style carpet that is basically off-white with flecks of brown, tan, black, gray fibers in it. Here is a pic, but I don't think it does a good job representing the colors.

So, what colors do you recommend?

First off, I am thinking of only treating the lower half with insulation/gom and using a chair rail to separate that from untreated bare wall on the upper portion. Does anyone do that? I am also thinking of staying in the green family since I think that looks good with the pine furniture. So, for the lower half of GOM, I was thinking of perhaps Dune or Leaf or Wheat. Perhaps Light Moss. I have ordered a color booklet, so hopefully that will be better than the web. Here is a link to the GoM colors per Silent Source.

For the walls above the GOM and soffits, I was going to paint it a color from Benjamin Moore called Danville Tan. As you can imagine, it is tan.

For the ceiling, I will paint it black. Resale be damned. :)

The crown molding (with rope light) and chair rail will all be stained a golden color to match the pine furniture. At least that is the plan for now.

So, feel free to trash my ideas and propose new ones. I don't seem to many "neutral" / tan / country style theaters. Most are darker, purples, burgundy with gold trim, etc. I also see a lot of reds with black or dark blues (especially ceilings.)

With Regards,

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