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Gomer Pyle tries OTA HDTV....

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Hello, Gomer here,

My dumb question of the day regards tuning OTA HD with my vbox tuner. I got a list of HD broadcasters from antennaweb and it looks like I should get 7 channels. I have noticed that for some channels sagetv has found and tuned the "Channel" number and for others it has used the "Frequency Assignment."

So which should I be trying to tune, Channel or Frequency Assignment? I am thinking it cant be both or either, but one or the other....


PFC Pyle
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In Sage, when you are setting up the tuner, in the section where it shows all the available channels it has downloaded from the EPG service, you should select to try and auto-tune for channels.

It should take the better part of 10-15 minutes to go through all the channels and in the end it will list all the channels that are available to you.

Also note, if you have multiple tuners (even identical tuners) you need to go through and set up each independently, including doing a 15 minute auto-tune for each.

That setup part isn't very well laid out and it's documentation is even worse.

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Hello and Thanks Suntan,

I did not set it up that way. I will give it a go.

The main reason I am asking is that I have two channels that I have quite a bit of trouble with. WXIA (NBC) is on channel 11.1 and frequency assignment 10 and WSB (ABC) is on channel 2.1 and frequency assignment 39. I am wondering if my problem is related to more to how I am tuning than to my antenna.

In the vbox signal meter utility should I be trying to tune to tune the channel number or the frequency assignment number? Right now, for WXIA I am trying to tune to 11, and for WSB I am trying to tune to 39. Sometimes I receive them and sometimes I dont.

I will give auto tune a try and perhaps that will get me there.

Thanks again.

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