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Goo systems rear projection "see through" 2 stage paint!

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Hello fellow members...

**For lack of a better place to post this question I chose to do it here...after all the end result is a screen...right?

Here is what i am asking...

Looking into a broadcasting/hardware catalog...I noticed that there is a rear projection paint that goo systems has that is transparent in nature...from what I understood...you take a glass surface and paint it into a rear projection screen!

I have a Marquee 8500 CRT that I use for my setup along with a processor...right now it is florr set up on a roller cart...(I know not stable...but it allowed me to move it back and foward in my initial setup!)

I have large closet that would be perfect for a rear projection set up...Of course I will need to make a "window" in front of it and get rid of the doors...

I wonder what type of a glass do I need to use to get the proper effect...

I looked into goo systems site but did not find anything specific to that...(I also wrote them but have not gotten an answer yet...)

I m looking into a 6.5 possibly 7 feet diagonal screen size...

Has anyone tried such a set up and was sucessful at it?

If so what material did you use for the glass? or will any glass do?

My marquee would ne set up on the floor and I will be using a mirror to get the proper angle of setup...

Is there a specific type of mirror to use for this also?

Thank you all in advance for the info/advice on this

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