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I'm looking for a good pair/set of speakers for our living room setup. I'm getting a new receiver as well, probably an Onkyo TX-SR608, and need to find a good set of speakers for it.

Probably won't get a sub, as we don't really want that much bass, so I'd like the left/right pair to have sufficient bass.

As for a center channel, that's optional, though I would prefer to find a pair that can handle all audio on their own.

Currently looking at Polk Monitor30's, which I can get for $80 (pair). Are there better options around that price? I can go a little more, if the additional price justifies the sound difference.

If I do get a center, it will probably be the Polk CS10. But that thing is $100 on its own, so unless it's going to be a substantial improvement over the Monitor30's, I'll skip that (may try the Monitor30's by themselves first before ordering a center).

Any suggestions?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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