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Right now I'm useing a set of Logitech Z5500s and I've upgraded the fronts to Polk M50s and the rears to those Insignia bokshelfs everyone was raving about a while back. Unfortunatly the Logitech sub kind of sucks and it's crossover is locked at 120hz. I find the bass to be far too boomy. I like punchy, tight bass that blends seamlessly with the mids and highs. The stock center channel speaker also sounds pretty terrible in conjunction with the upgraded satalites.

I kind of use my PC as a HT system; I have a 26in moniter so it handles games and movies to satisfaction. I want to upgrade the rest of the z5500 system to a proper reciever and get a decent sub and center. Given the quality of my speakers, I'm obviously looking for a fairly low end reciever, and video functionaly is irrelevent. I also have no interest in useing a 7.1 speaker configuration, so I have no problem with a 5.1 amp. I just need something that amplifies my speakers decently and process digital audio. I don't tend to raise the roof with volume either. My room is about 15x23ish with my moniter midway down one of the long ends. (That's the only way I can manage it right now, or I would face the other way.)

I'l probably just go with a polk CS 1 or CS 2 for the center, and I'm not totally sure what sub I want to go with, but I'd like to spend under 300$ if I can. The real question is which reciever I should go with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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