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So a few months ago I started a thread looking for a nice, cheap case. I had looked at all the Antec and Silverstone models, and I just couldn't justify the prices to myself (Normally I try not to skimp on components, but I hate spending a lot on a case).

I finally came across the hec 7K09 Micro ATX Media Cente .

It had decent reviews on NewEgg, was very inexpensive, and even came with a PSU.

I have paired this with an E8400, Asus P5Q-EM Motherboard, a Lite On Blu-Ray Drive, 2 GB Ram, and a single 500GB HDD.

So far, I love this case. Now obviously the PSU isn't going to power a high end video card, or fit tons of HDD's, but if you are simply looking for a case to play back DVD's and Blu-Ray's stored on a server, it is a great buy.

The case itself is well built, though a bit cramped inside. You will want to be neat with your wiring, and you will want to follow a sequence during installation of MB, CPU,RAM, front panel cabling, CPU Fan, HDD, Optical Drive, otherwise you may have trouble fitting everything.

Once everything is installed, the case runs very quiet, and cool. I am using stock cooling for everything and I cannot here it all from my seating position. In fact the Optical drive is by far the noisiest component in the system. Since I mostly stream from a server, this is rarely an issue.

All in all, I highly recomend this case, as long as you realize it is not designed to work for a high end gaming machine, on a server stacked full of drives.
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