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Good component cables

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Hi guys, do you have any recommendations for good component cables? Thanks.
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Do you have a budget for these cables? Do you need a specific length? I would start with monoprice.com or look at some of the forum sponsers. Personally, I use Acoustic Research Pro II series:

I just bought a bunch of different cables from Monoprice, one of the sponsors at the top of the page. The quality of all of the cables is outstanding, and the prices are amazingly low.

You will not be disappointed.
They sell a few Belden cables (7710A I think) with the Canare RCA plugs. Stereophile guide to home theater magazine (now Home Theater I think) tested these out about 4 years ago and concluded that they were some of the best component cables they ever tested. I have yet to find a component cable that performs better, at least with my setup. The only component cable that "may" have been better was a set of Kimber illuminations D-60 or D-75 (I think it was about $500/meter). I demoed a set and thought it may have had slightly richer color than the Belden, but overall, I preferred the picture quality of the Belden set better, and it was less than $100 for a 5-meter cable set. Can't beat that.

I haven't tried any of the mono-price cables.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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