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I am avaiable to buy a pair of dbx soundfield 1a speakers. The speakers themselves cost $350 and for the speakers AND an an 18' reference subwoofer (weighs 200lbs) it would cost me $500. Here is what the guy said....


"Vintage home audio Reference loadspeakers from the late 80's to early 90's, rated at 450 watts each. Extremely rare. Original msrp was $3850. They contain 8 woofers ( all new ), 8 midranges, 14 super tweeters, and 2 dome tweeters ( needing replacement, hence the deal ) that are controled by an outboard processor. Excellent condition, but missing one top 1 top cover, and the dome tweeters can be purchased from www.partsexpress.com for approximately $75 a pair. If you can find these reference speakers on Ebay, they'll run you $1000 -$1500 in this condition, because besides the 2 out of 12 tweeters and 1 out of 10 covers needing replacement, they're just about flawless. No wear, scratches, scuffs, or digs any where. I originally asked for $500, and then lowered them to $350. All I've had to date are interested parties that want to wheel and deal on speakers they know nothing of, nor of their value. So make me an offer, and maybe you'll be the lucky one. Unless you have heard these speakers, you have no idea the sound quality and sound pressure levels they're capable of. I have Carver m1.0t connected to them for sound demos. These were the best speakers sold at Tailored Sound in Pittsfield years ago, and msrp'd for $6,850 with their 18 inch reference subwoofer. That Subwoofer I have. It's listed on another post, as is all this equipment being mentioned. I will also take into consideration giving a better deal if you're interested in the whole package which consists of the soundfield 1a's, their controller, they're 18" reference matching subwoofer (which is beyond rare), and a dbx subharmonic synthesizer that has a variable crossover, and an equalizer for sub frequencies. Sound quality that would cost thousands of dollars if new."


I have gotten those prices lower as mentioned above. Is it a good deal. Look at the msrp.......... any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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