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I need to buy a video capture card for a PC to capture video off a Virgin Media STB, since it has no export function at all. All the programs have been recorded in standard definition to save hard disc space, so only SD capability is required, although HD would obviously be a bonus for the future.

This is required to preserve cherished nature programs for my mum that she likes to watch several times over and keep, but which are currently taking up a lot of hard disc space. On top of that, as things stand, she is guaranteed to lose access to them eventually due to a variety of reasons such HDD failure or STB replacement, hence preservation is required.

I require the card to be able to capture the full 50 fields/second interlaced video and with decent video clarity. The price doesn't matter too much, so I don't mind looking at more expensive solutions, as long as I can achieve this.

I have looked at various computer retailers such as scan.com, ebuyer.com and even amazon.com and from what I can see, all these cards either capture at only 25 fields/second or incredibly, it's not stated in the specs, even on the manufacturer's website. Hence, I would really appreciate some help in finding a suitable product.

The card will connect to the HDMI or SCART ports on the Virgin box.

I live in the UK.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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