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Good question for you

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I have put together a 2 ch PC setup that I am not sure is working correctly. These are the components I have:

Onkyo TX-8222

Dayton SA100

What I am wondering is can these two work together correctly for a 2.1 setup? Right now I have 2 6 ohm bookshelves hooked up to the Speaker A connections and the plate amp hooked to the left Speaker B connections. The wire is coming from the left "From Amplifier" high level inputs on the plate amp. The plate amp is then powering a sinlgle 4 ohm sub on the connections provided on the back of the plate amp not shown in the picture on PE. Is this the correct way of doing this or is it wrong and damaging something? Let me know what I need to do or if this it is even possible for this setup to work.

This is also hooked up to the PC via a RCA to 3.5mm cable on the CD input on the receiver. I know this setup works as it did play music and the sub worked. Now all of a sudden the speakers are playing very quiet even when the receiver's volume is high. Any idea what happened? I took the plate amp off and it is still doing this. I think that covers everything!

Thanks for any help you can provide!

UPDATE: We tried the bookshelf speakers alone on a different receiver and they work normal again. What do you think is wrong with the receiver? I am glad that it has a 1yr warranty, since it looks like it is making a trip back to Onkyo.
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Anyone know how to connect these together properly for a 2.1 PC setup? Also did I damage anything having it the way I did since the receiver is not working correctly?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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