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Good receiver for a newbie

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Here's another newbie with a question. What receiver would you recommend to go with the JBL SCS136SI 6.1 speakers in a room that measures roughly 11'x16'? My budget is $500 or less. I have been looking at receivers by Pioneer and Onkyo.

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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Check into the Chinese made Denons. Most of the Japanese made models have a Chinese twin with the same specs, but a different model number. I do not know if the internals are the same, but the cost is a LOT lower, right in the range you are looking at.
I will look into that. Thanks a lot.

Anyone have thoughts on Pioneer or Harman Kardon? I've recently read that they sound the best with low end JBL's.
 Pioneer VSX-1014 is one of the better receivers that fit within your budget. It is typically sold for $499 at B&M stores and even cheaper online.

Buy one from a B&M store that has a good return policy (no restocking fee, etc.) and try it at home to see how it works with your speakers.
I have JBL's all the way around. I use the Panasonic SA-XR50 to power a EC35 center, S38II's- mains, N26's for surrounds, and 2 N24's wired in series for surround back. The digital amps have plenty of power and have incredible imaging and clarity.

I had tried 2 $800 receivers and they did not sound as good as the Panny. Put your money into speakers. You could get the Panny for $240 delivered and be on your way to and SVS sub, or whatever.
These are great recommendations. Thanks again. That Panny SA-XR50 does seem very appealing and I've heard very good things about it.

As for the JBL speakers, they're basically a done deal. I got them by using earned points on my credit card. Perhaps in a year or so I'll upgrade.

I think that my main concern with the the receiver is the watts per channel. According to the JBL site, they recommend for the SCS136SI speakers, 10-100 watts power amplifier range for the satellites and the center channel. Does that mean I shouldn't get a receiver that puts out more than 100 watts per channel? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
Stick with the JBL. I meant a possible sub upgrade will be the biggest improvement you could make. The JBL's will work fantastic on their own.
Don't worry about the wattage. Any of the above mentioned receivers will push those speakers without any problem.
Originally posted by DBryant
Don't worry about the wattage. Any of the above mentioned receivers will push those speakers without any problem.
Cool, that's just what I needed to know. Thanks DBryant.

I really appreciate everyone's input. You all have made my decision a lot easier.
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