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I've got a modest 5.1 set up, and have finally gotten around to upgrading it. I finally got motivated to do so after my awful htib unit started experiencing hdmi problems. Good riddance. In any case, I' need some help picking out a sweet receiver.

As far as features go, here's what I'm looking for:

Decent video processing, for non-hd sources

At least 3 HDMI inputs

Coax in (not necessary, but I do use my VCR sometimes)

Good iPod compatibility

Pre-outs and a 12V trigger for an amplifier

Awesome sound is paramount.

And here is what I don't really need:

3D compatibility - I don't have a 3DTV, and cant foresee buying one any time soon.

HDMI 1.4 - I could be wrong on this one, but it really doesn't seem too pressing.

Power - I'm powering my speakers with a UPA-5 (hence the need for pre-outs and a trigger). As a result, I'm perfectly fine sacrificing power for better features.

As far as usage goes, it's 95% for home theater use. Blurays and games on my PS3, sometimes cable. I do use my ipod or internet radio sometimes, but HT is higher priority.

Having said all of that, The pioneer VSX-1120-k seems like the winner to me. The only downside is that it has no triggers, meaning I'll have to drag myself over to turn the amp on all the time, in addition to scolding people for not turning it off.

The AVR-3310 also seemed to fit the bill, but I missed the boat on that one; it's back to $1000.

Do any of you have any good suggestions before I take the plunge and grab the Pioneer? I desperately want something with triggers

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I've done a decent amount of research. Much like most of the guys on here, I've been around the block several times over the years with the purchases of audio equipment. I can say that my recent search has led me to the Pioneer VSX-1120 receiver. I will receive it Monday or Tuesday. I don't normally like buying a receiver that I can't walk back into a store, but J&R had it for $489 delivered. It has features that are hard to find on $1000 units. If you are driving some huge low impedance power hungry salon speakers than look elsewhere and bring a lot more money. Since you are not, take a look at it. I can't give it a full recommendation yet as I have not gotten down and dirty with it yet. I have found the pioneers tonal balance to be pretty centered with most warm speakers. The speakers that will be used with this unit have horns so it should be just fine. The only drawback for me is the lack of 5.1+ channel input. My 45A won't hook up correctly for full DVA/SACD playback. Time to find one of the higher model players that will. I'm having some issues with the 45A so this was not a deal breaker. Good luck.

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I would give a vote for the Onkyo 708 as well. It was down to the 708 vs 1120 for me and I went with 708. Very similar specs and prices, the Onkyo has a 12v trigger, is compatible with an Ipod, but I read a couple of reviews where the purchaser of the 1120 returned it and bought the 708 and noticed an improvement in sound quality. Just throwing out another option.
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