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A simple problem:

I want to watch movies (from an UHD-Blu-Ray player) just with stereo headphones + some kind of surround virtualization (like Dolby Headphone)

Yet there seems to be no simple solution.

- The only dedicated receiver for HP is the Smyth Realiser and it is 1. way too expensive and 2. aimed at professionals (too much pro features). The Beyerdynamic Headzone is no longer produced and all other dedicated HP receivers I know of are for gaming and have bad sound quality (Astro MixAmp, DSS2).

- All general receivers are mainly for speakers and have a bad HP amp. For example: The recent Yamaha receivers have more than 470 Ohm impedance on the "Silent Cinema" HP output = high background noise. If you plug a good dedicated HP amp into that receivers they are just amplifying the background noise.

Does someone know a good receiver for HP?

Thank you!
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