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Good remote HTPC app that works with andriod and ios?

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Hi All,

I'm looking for an app, similar to Unified Remote that also works on iso. Namely something me (andriod) and my wife (iphone) can use to remote control our HTPC which is running Windows Media Center. I realize I could install separate server programs, one for Unified Remote, and one for whatever iOS app, but was hoping for a single server program, that provided an andriod app and iPhone app to talk to it. I did some searching but couldn't seem to find one that worked with both. Anybody know of anything like this?

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I think the Ceton app works on both platforms. http://cetoncorp.com/products/companion/
Any thuoghts on how Mobile Mouse might compare with GMote?
Gmote appears to have a small fraction of the functionality of mobile mouse. I wouldn't waste my time.

Comparing the functionality via their descriptions did leave me with the impression that gmote was more of a "remote" for specific programs. Though the list is large it does not seem to be "generalist" which is more of what I want, but needed another impression as I've used neither (VNC and Teamviewer however - teeth pulling without the anesthetic). So thanks for your opinion, I will give Mobile Mouse a try.

Does the M_Mouse server need to be installed on each PC that is to be controlled or will port-forwarding handle it as long as its on the same LAN?

I've only used it on a single PC. I strongly suspect the server needs to be on each.

While Mobile Mouse meets your requirement of being available on both platforms, it is far from being the best smartphone remote. That honor goes to Hippo Remote , IMO. But it only works on iOS.

Unified remote seems to be one of the favorites for Android. And it has an iOS version in beta. But, like Gmote, it's very basic, lacking most of the functionality of Mobile Mouse and Hippo. I tried it and was very disappointed. However, many others seem to like it.
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