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good-sounding flat speakers

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Good-sounding, perfectly flat HT speakers... Certainly, they would be very useful. But do they, in your opinion, exist? Can they be build, or does the concept run counter the laws of acoustics???
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you mean like Maggies? or something you can put on the wall?

the larger Maggies like the 1.6QR and the 3.5 are quite good for HT use...


David R. Hendrickson [email protected]

"Any smoothly functioning technology will be indistinguishable from a rigged demo." - Isaac Asimov

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Interesting... Do you have some web addresses for "Maggies" or for "Sound Advances paintable invisible speakers"?? I do not seem to be able to find anything on these....
By "Maggies" he means Magneplanar speakers by Magnepan. They've been around for many years (I had MG2b's for years) and are a flat planar speaker. They've recently gotten into h/t and have a decent selection of flat smaller panels for surround placement, etc. www.magnepan.com

One of my latest h/t mags has an ad from Acoustic Research on their flat speakers, as well......I just looked it up. It's page 111 of Sterophile Guide to home Theater, Feb 2000. They're called Phantoms and are made by AR (Acoustic Research).
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