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Just thought I'd share a good experience and outcome I just went through with my Mirage OM-200 subwoofer.

A couple of weeks ago the sub just died - don't know when or why, no power LED. I have some experience with analog circuits, and my money tree isn't so healthy anymore...

Opened it up and found a blown slow-blow fuse on the amp board at AC input, so got a replacement. Blows immediately on power applied. I gave the web a search and found someone that had similar trouble about 2 years ago (in AVS somewhere, I think). A repair shop quoted him $300 for the board and $79 labor. He reported that Mirage quoted the same for the board.

I gave the amp board a half-blind going over with a multimeter, hoping to find just a shorted electrolytic cap. I found 2 power transistors that seemed to be shorted, and probably more to find. Looked like too much to fix without more info., especially with a switching power supply.

So I emailed Mirage tech support, explaining what I found and that I didn't think it worth trying to troubleshoot myself without schematics and design documents. So I asked for a quote for the board and any other info they could provide re service. I was suprised to receive an email back with PDF schematics and just a link to authorized service centers - no board quote. Not sure if that meant they don't have any more boards, or they just want to give the partnered repair shops the business.

Anyway, with the schematics I was able to finish troubleshooting and was able to make repairs on my own for
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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