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Hey all,

What are you guys using?

I have an older Whalen TV stand with a built-in TV arm on the back.

Here is an old picture:

And an updated picture with my current setup:

There are things I like about it and things I don't.

Things I like:

1.) Built in TV arm (don't have to worry about wall mounting my heavy 65" plasma

2.) Semi-open space below for equipment

3.) Reasonably attractive design

Things I don't:

1.) Too tall. If I put the center channel speaker on top, I have to raise the screen too high. In its current position it is cramping the amp and is also too low, leaving the sound partially blocked by by coffee table, and Audyssey going nuts to compensate for that, reducing the sound quality.

2.) Shelf height: It came with a drawer right under the top shelf, which I removed to fit the center speaker where it currently sits. Before that it was hopeless. Nothing would fit. Now it is slightly less bad, but due tot he speaker position in the center of the top shelf, I can't use that shelf for anything else. The bottom shelf is only 6.75" tall, which is very restrictive.

The Problem:

I'm looking to invest in a new amp (maybe an Emotiva XPA-5 Gen3? or an Outlaw Model 7140) but most of what I am looking at just will not fit unless I do something about the furniture.

I've done some brief online shopping around looking for a replacement, but I'm not finding anything that meets my requirements, which are:

- Must have at least one shelf able to fir a minimum of 8" tall equipment
- A secondary smaller shelf would be nice, but not required
- Shelf/shelves must be open all the way across. No drawers, cabinets or center dividers
- Must be low enough that the center speaker can stand on top, without having to mount the TV too high
- An integrated TV arm like the Whalen unit has would be a plus, but this seems rare.

Can anyone recommend anything for me to look into?

Much obliged.

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... Can anyone recommend anything for me to look into?

Take a look at TransDeco (http://www.transdecointl.com/tv_stand.htm). I have the TD208B under my wall mounted TV and love the look and the strength of the stand! They have many options with integrated TV mount, perhaps more than they do without! :)

Besides the low height, strength & mobility were the biggest attractions to me. It has eight super heavy duty casters, the bottom shelf is good for 200 lbs, each middle shelf is good for 80 lbs and the top for another 200 lbs! And with the black tinted glass, it looks great!

Since you appear to like wood finishes, you might like the TD685DB model.


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