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Good TV tuner card for use with projector?

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I want to get a TV Tuner card and combine it with this software, http://www.dscaler.org/ in order to scale Satalite TV, game systems etc.

It should have component and S-video in, any suggestions?

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I use a PixelView X-Capture which seems to be a popular choice around here.. It doesnt have a built in OTA tuner or sound inputs, so you have to supply your own tuner (satellite rec.,cablebox,game console) and input the video signal via "S" video or composite input..(no component)..

I use an X-Capture to scale my satellite tv and it does a pretty good job combined with DScaler..

Hmmm, sounds like the perfect card, since I don't need a tuner(just something to feed a signal to the computer), however is there anything with component?
I should mention, capturing video would only be a bonus, my main concern is just watching TV and playing games on it(being blown up to a 120in screen size). It will drive a CRT projector.
Nah, it won't work propery with the dscalersoftware.

Any other suggestions?
AFAIK, if you want component, then you are going to have to go with the HOLO3D, which is going to run you about 700-1000 bucks. However if you can do with just s-vid and composite, then you can go with any of the below cards which will set you back a whopping 40 dollars.

1) flyvideo 2000

2) XCapture

3) I/O Magic PC PVR

Heck, at 40 bucks try them all out and see which one you like best. All get good reviews here, but I believe that the flyvideo is the preferred card at the moment. I'll be switching from the I/o magic to the flyvideo soon.

Good Luck,

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my vote is for flyvideo, and that was my 4th card.
I was afraid the Holo3D was my only choice for component. I guess S-vid won't be much different.

One thing I hadn't though of. I'll be using this with a CRT projector, and will run DVDs at a resolution of 1440x960. The Flyvideo won't support this resolution, is there a card that will(just to save having to switch resolutions)?
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