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Good USB over Ethernet for < $100?

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Does such a thing exist? Google is giving me the run around on this one. There are quite a few adapters but they all have extremely mixed reviews. I have also seen some with a pretty steep price tag which may or may not work as expected. I'm trying to relocate my desktop to my utility room with the rest of my gear. I can obviously run HDMI for my monitor the 50' needed but I still need a way to connect my keyboard/mouse, webcam, USB drive and so on.

Does anyone have any ideas or, better yet, some real world experience?
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Thanks for looking out, but, this is one of the devices I was talking about with mixed reviews.

"Compliant with USB 1.0 and 1.1.

Does not support USB 2.0 high speed connections."

I don't think it could handle all I need at once and the reviews seem to confirm my suspicions. I once had a USB 1 card reader for a CF card (remember those?) and transferring a movie to it was almost impossible.
There is something about asynchronous USB or something along those lines. Most USB over Ethernet devices only support certain types of USB devices.

I've used IOGear's USB 35ft extension before. Worked with a USB Cam for a computer. Not sure if you can hook up multiple of these.

You could run this extension as far as it goes and hook up everything "wireless" to that. Plug a hub into the end and see how that works.

An expensive but easy and awesome way is to use Just Add Powers HDMI Extenders. Cost you over a $1,00 though. But the Extenders pass USB 2.0, HDMI, RS232, and IR. Probably more expensive than what you wanted to pay though.

Other than that Im' not sure there are many options. I haven't checked for new options in probably a year or so so there may be newer options.
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Yeah $1,000 is a tad more than I was thinking about spending! It's looking like I might just end up having to use active USB cables. Not really what I was hoping for. It's not as clean a solution.
I don't have any personal experience with the Intelix piece that was just posted, but they make some decent devices and should be considered trustworthy.

However, notice in the specs that they are only USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible. NOT 2.0 High Speed. This would most likely be fine for your Keyboard and Mouse, but might not be for a webcam. Check your webcam specs to see what is required and suggested. --> this is something that you will most likely find in ANY USB over Ethernet product, except something much more expensive. You may want to consider the IOGear cable I mentioned earlier for the Webcam and then something like the Intellix units for each individual Mouse and Keyboard.

http://www.iogear.com/product/GUE2118/ --> USB 2.0 HIgh Speed (480mbps) and daisy chaineable

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