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Good vendors that ship overseas

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I was supposed to get a Sampo plasma, but it looks like the whole thing might be called off.

Good plasma dealers down here are few and far between, so I'm trying to find someone that will ship overseas (from the US, which is persumeably where the cheapest plasmas can be found).

I'm primarily interested in 42" plasmas and like Fujitsu brand (particularly since I'm familiar with their features & service menus) and Panasonics (no need for both SVideo and Composite - so the Y/C delay is less problematic for me). However, I'm open to suggestions on other brands.

Note that I have no room (or funds) for a 50" unit.

If anyone knows of a vendor that will ship overseas and has a good price - please let me know.

Feel free to email me or post here (preferable, unless it's a private thing).
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Hi Ofer,

I came across this Very Old :) post of yours while trying to search the forum for shipping the plasma overseas. I am in a similar situation as yours. Though, I am currently in US but will be shifting back soon to my home country by this year end. I am not being able to decide whether to buy the plasma or not b'cos of all the shipping horror stories I keep coming across. All the dealers I have talked to here advice against it.

Did you finally get your plasma shipped from US? If yes, can you tell me the vendor's name?


I didn't.

It's a good thing that I didn't. The vendor went belly up (for giving too-low prices, I suspect) a few months after I ordered. Luckily, I got my money back (people who purchased after me were not so lucky).

I ended up cancelling the order because the dollar became too strong, and so the taxes I would have had to pay became simply too expensive. I ended up buying from a local dealer (I got a very special price because it was the last day of the year, and he had some stock he wanted to get rid of that day or he'd have to pay taxes on it).

Looking back at it, it was probably a very bad idea to do this. The amount of problems I would or *could* have faced weren't worth it.

The only safe way to allow a plasma to travel on a flight is by using a special box for it. These boxes are available (they are primarily used to carry plasmas for exhibitions), but their cost is quite high ($1000 - $1500). I don't think it's worth it to buy one of those boxes for a single trip.

Where is your home country?
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I will be going back to India and I wanted to take a Plasma from here as there it's almost 4 times the price and will not be in my range.

Even though I will be ocean shipping Plasma along with other household goods I am not comfortable doing that. And as you pointed out the plasma carrying cases are way too expensive for one time use.

I talked to Elizabeth and Paul at VisualApex and appreciate their honesty when they told me not to do it unless I am really sure that the shipper can handle it.

As of now I think I will have to drop this idea of mine :(

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