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Got a 2nd panny - impressions, comparison

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I just got the 42px75U a few days ago. My current tv prior to that was the 37PX50U from 2 years ago. My wife let me "upgrade" to a new TV ever since my young daughter started watching cartoons and she would hug up the only TV we had. I figured rather than buy a small flat planel TV which costs almost a grand, I'd spring for a few dollars more and get myself a bigger tv.

Here's the differences I've noticed in the past few days, and the tv is not fully broken in. 1)false contouring is less pronounced on the 75U than on the 50U. 2) the 75U does a MUCH better job with 720p, the 50U does a terrible job, cutting the resolution by half. 3)black levels are about the same to me. 4) 1080i signals appear to be the same, although the look jaggier on the 75U, this could be due to the size difference, I'm not sure. 4)pixel structure is more visible on the 50U when sitting about 3-4 feet away, this could be due to the different pixel structure between the 37" and the 42".

I'll post some pictures soon.
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Its intersting to read your impressions of 720p on the panels. I have owned the Panasonic 37px50u, the 42px60u, and now have the Pioneer 4270hd. While the differences between all three are slim for sure, i would put their 720p performance in order by 1st Pioneer 4270, 2nd 37px50u, and 3rd 42px60u. Shows like American Idol and SportsCenter just seemed the smallest bit better on the 37px50u over the 42px60u.
I don't know, but I can totally tell the resolution drop off on 720p. On the 50U, I could never set my 360 at 720P because the detail on games was totally off. I always had to have it output at 1080i. With the 75U, I now can set it to 720p and be totally happy with the results.
how do you upload the pics without having to attach them?
I haven't run a setup disc yet, but it's obvious that the 75U has more overscan than the 50U, specially on the sides, which sucks. On the HUD from Ghost Recon video game, the sides do not show up. Another thing, it appears that the screen itself is a bit less reflective on the 75U.

More pics.

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Here we go, let's try the pics again

Old one:

old rear:

new one:

new rear:

Some ps3 images:


Also, I was wrong about the overscarn issues. I ran the test dics at diferent resolutions through my Oppo player, overscan meaurements were good at in all of them. I was going off memory on the Ghost Recon game, the new Ghost recon game (demo) has a different HUD that does not have sides. I will post pics later.
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