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Got a big screen ... Now need the big SOUND!!!

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I finally got a big screen TV (Mitsubishi 65905) and now I need a little help. Delivery Saturday.

What sort of receiver & speaker package should I get. I know that is a loaded ? but oh well.

It is a two story room (22 feet) that is 16x20. I would prefer THX but not necessary. Budget about 7000. Also looking for reputable online dealers to supply all this audio. 90% movies/TV 10% music

Thanks for all the help in advance.

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I am sorry I have to write this.


I understood very little of what you said. (Be gentle, I am a HT newbie)


A denon AVR 4800 would be a nice place to start at 1999. For mostly theater the Altantic Tech 450 series is a nice package with a 15 inch sub. Another alternative is a Lexicon DC1 used/trade in with a 5 channel Outlaw amplifier. For speakers you may want to listen to paradigm, B&W, NHT as well. Of course you will want to have a DVD player, progressive preferred-Toshiba SD5109 is a good place to start. Are you considering HDTV and/or satellite. If so, try to obtain a sat receiver with a digital out for improved sound.

For now that is a start.

Don O

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At your price range you have a lot of good options.

The Denon is very nice, and I hear good things about the Atlantic Tech speaker system as well. I would add to your consideration, the Yamaha DSP-1 and the Top of the Line Onkyo recivers. Both very nice.

Of course if there is anyway that you can modify your budget to get a Lexicon DC-1 and a nice 5 channel power amp that would be the way to go.

A speaker system using the Dunlavy SC series speakers would be great.

Also consider the M&K 150 AV system,the Dynaudio Audience, and the PSB Stratus series.

I think any of the above would be, fantastic. Alas, I can't afford any of the above. When you get it, tell us how great it is so I can be envious.
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