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Got a demo Marantz SR6400 yesterday.

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Im going back into HT after a 3 year hiatus and I wanted something that sounded great with music and movies. Im pairing the Marantz with some JM Labs Chorus 706 speakers. I picked it up from Harvey in NYC. A heads up they have a lot of demo Marantz receivers for anyone looking for one.

Are there any known issues with this receiver? I already searched the forums but there arent many posts about Marantz.
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Just ordered a Marantz SR7500 with JMLabs Chorus 716S mains, CC700 Center, and 714S as rears.

They will be here in a few days. I've only heard good things about Marantz reliability. I was considering the HK 635 but hearing the tales of unreliability and awkward auto-switching behavior, went with the Marantz. Auditioned the JMLabs and loved them. I'm a bit concerned if they will rock and boom enough (will use a sub, so not overly concerned), but wow they were very smooth, detailed, without seeming bright or fatiguing. Amazing mids and highs, and the lows seemed about average. I was comparing Paradigm Monitor 60s, B & W 702/3/4, Def Techs, and Bostons.

Good luck with your new system!
Im having trouble finding the matching older Chorus speakers to go with my 706. I also have concerns about the size for the rears. Its a small living room about 12' by 18' with the TV going on the 12' wall. I went with the Marantz because Ive heard good things about their musicality.

I owned an HK AVR520 that crapped out after a week. I then went with a YAMAHA RXV1000 that was great for movies but only ok with music. The most musical receiver is probably an Arcam but they are too expensive and hard to find as used or demo units. I had an Arcam integrated that sounded great with the Chorus except with the highest frequencies they tizzed a little, but the rest of the frequencies were awesome. Good luck with your system as well. Im going to ask some questions in the other forums.
Let me know what you think of the 7500 with the Chorus speakers Perry. I plan to buy the 7500 with PSB T65's in a couple of months (gotta save). I listened to the 5500 in the store and loved that, but decided to get the 7500 instead. When I plan to purchase, I will listen the Chorus speakers as well and compare them to the T65 and decide, but I am leaning towards the PSB right now.
No worries, Kevin, I'll post a report on the 7500/Chorus combo when I get it set up.

Sounds like the Chorus 726 would be more of a fit if you're looking at the T65. I've heard some people say that they like the T55 better unless you're just looking for low stuff loud.

I have a small/medium room so the 716 should be fine for me. I thought PSB was great, though maybe a little too neutral to be combined with the SR7500. I was pretty amazed at the JMLabs - the highs/mids were amazing, the low end was good but not great. Since I'm going with a sub I thought this would work best for me.
I am planning to get a sub, but will not be able to get it right now (and not for a few months) so I need fronts that have good bass (I love bass). When I am ready to purchase, I will do a head to head with the Chorus and the T65 since where I will be purchasing them from carries both.

Initially when I listened to the 5500 it was paired with the T55 and that sounded good, I am expecting it to sound even better when the 7500 is paired with the T65.

Looking at the specs between the T65 and the 726, the T65 can reach more of the lower spectrum than the 726 can, but I will wait until I hear them side by side.

Look forward to hearing your review Perry
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