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This is my first post to the AVS Forum, but I've been reading for quite some time now.

Here's a little on my current setup (it's a cheap one for now) before I get on to my question about projectors.

Sony Wega 27" 27FS12

Sony STR-835 Reciever

Sony DVD player (borrowed from a friend currently)

KLH Speakers (to be replaced someday, they'll do for now)

And other assorted goodies (2 VCRs , 2 LD players)

Anyway, my newest addition I got used from a school district that was getting rid of them.

It's a Bretford Series 65 Monitor pull down projector screen.

I don't know what gain it is, but it is 60" wide. So I'm thinking of pulling it down to 60" x 34" for a nice 16:9 display.

My main question is about the NEC LT-150z projector and running it in 16:9 mode.

I know the pj is 1024x768 4:3 native, but I really want to have a 16:9 screen.

My PC I plan on using for a HTPC is got an ATI Rage 128 video card, and I've managed to get both linux and Windows into 1280x720 mode (which is an actual HDTV mode I believe)

My question is how well will the NEC pj do 1280x720? Is anyone using this resolution on a 16:9 screen with thier projector? I tried out 1280x720 on my 17" Sony monitor using dscaler with a LD as a source and it looked very very good. DVD-ROM at that resolution looked even better.

Is there another projector that would suit my needs better than the NEC? I definitely know I want a DLP and not an LCD because I'm bothered by the screen door affect I've seen on most LCDs.

BTW, a buddy of mine who works at the school district where I got the screen from is going to let me borrow a Compaq MP1400 DLP projector for a weekend soon, so I'll be able to see how well that projector does... has anyone had experience with the Compaq projectors?

BTW, Pictures of my current home theater setup (without the screen hung) are here
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