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I got some free speakers from a friend who's renovating his office and doesnt want them. I'm wondering:
A) Where do I get the cables for the (red positive and black negative) sockets in the back of each monitor?
B) How do I get these working? If I need anything besides those cables, let me know
C) A review done by stereophile.com (I cant post the link because of site rules) suggested that proper placement of each monitor may have a significant effect on sound. I've included a graphic of the room that I'll put the speakers in so anyone who knows about these things can help me judge proper positioning for optimal sound.
D) I already have a TDK soundcube. Can I make the soundcube and the atoms a coherent speaker system?
E) How can I mount the atoms to a wall? If mounting them is a bad idea (there's a hole in the back that usually appears on subwoofers. I dont know what it does, but it's there for a reason), is there a better way to set them up?
Finally, I have an ancient Denon dra-395 receiver that I dont know how to use


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