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Got my 50GT50 today and here are my comments:

PQ is great, better than on many TVs I have seen displayed in stores. However, my old Sony plasma TV, from when they were still making them, is just about as good and I still have it so I could make a side-by-side comparison.

I hear no buzz, even close to the set, but my hearing is not nearly as good as my wife's. She made no mention of it and I am not bringing it up lest she'll think she is hearing it.

The sound seems pretty clear. For years I have been using wireless headphones when listening with my wife to avoid arguments about volume settings. I may not have to with this TV.

It gives off a lot of heat, as does my Sony.

Were it not for having read many messages in this forum about IR, I would not have discovered that it was turned off because for some reason HD size was set at 2. I thought that size 1 was default.

The TV is in our bedroom, which has two windows but is still not that bright in the morning. I have to use THX Cinema Bright during the day and will probably use THX Cinema at night. I may get a universal remote that can be programmed to quickly change settings.

The TV turns On very fast. My Sony takes much longer.

The best part of having your old TV for a couple of days while you have the new one is to confirm that the not-so-good video is the fault of the source not the TV.

Using two Monoprice 3850, 270 degree port savers do a terrific job of orienting the HDMI cable so that it lays along the back of the TV.

Yes, I would recommend this TV to a friend.
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