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Got my GWII 60". It's amazing!!! Thank you all!

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It's late, so I'll post some more impressions tomorrow or this weekend, but here's a brief take.

I love this TV!!!

- Cox cable SD is very watchable.

- The FULL mode is absolutely beautiful. Much better than I thought. I will always leave it in this mode.

- Only have 3 dead pixels, 2 blue, 1 green. Can't see them past 1-2 feet from screen. It's a non issue.

- The colors are very rich.

- Blacks are dark grey. This is the only real negative about this set so far. It's still not bad though.

- TV is very thin and light.

- Daytime viewing in a good amount of light is very good. Surprised the hell out of me. Pitch black night viewing is orgasmic.

- The progressive output on my Panny RP82 is better than interlaced. A very good film-like image. Once again, better than I expected. I'm glad some of you guys talked me into buying the RP82.

- This TV is a god for video games. Progressive on Gamecube and Xbox is just like playing on a high quality direct view, if not better. This damn thing is huge!!! Metroid and Splinter Cell, OMFG!!! FYI, the video game test was gonna be my make or break deal for this set. If it didn't meet my expectations on games, it was going back. Needless to say, CC can keep my money, cause I damn sure will be keeping this tv. Expectations far exceeded.

- TV speakers have some good umph to them. Won't use them much, but they are pretty good.

- The remote is solid. It's metal and very well designed.

- Bulb can be easily replaced by the owner. The compartment is hidden on the front of the tv, under the right front panel.

- I don't hear any fan noise at all.

Well, tomorrow I'll do Avia and tweak some more, probably through the weekend. I know this is really glowing, but I am really happy with my purchase. I'm no video guru, but I do have certain criteria that needed to be met from this tv. It has passed all of them. The only thing I miss are deeper blacks. I returned a Sony 53HS10, a few years ago because it just didn't seem worth the money and I wasn't impressed. I'm glad I waited. Thank you guys for all your advice and comments, and one person in particular (you know who you are). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to answer what I can when I have the time.
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Congrats on the new set! Sounds great. I did have a few questions for you:

1. How far do you sit from the screen?

2. Did you have to do much tweaking with either the user settings (picture, brightness, etc.) or the DRC to get your SD cable to look decent? What about DVD? What "mode" are you using (Std, Pro, etc.)

3. How did you come to notice the dead pixels? Did you have to specifically look for them in order to see them?

4. How do those blacks look during "pitch black night viewing"? (Given your "orgasmic" description, I'm guessing not too bad... :))

-- Mark
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Glad to see you are enjoying the set. I have similar feelings about my 50". If you haven't already run, don't walk to the search button and find the settings recommendations in "Houston does the GWII" or something like that. I believe UMR posted his best settings in that thread. I haven't tweaked the set at all personnally, but I plugged in his recommendations using the PRO video setting and the great picture just got better.


1. I sit between 8 and 10 feet from the screen. At 10, everything blends perfectly. That is the perfect distance IMO.

2. I haven't done much tweaking yet, so it can only get better. I was playing with standard alot last night for DVD and games and it was great but a little dark. I started playing with vivid for my non-progressive games. After taking the picture and sharpness down it looked pretty damn good. I was using standard for SD. Cartoon Network looked really good after playing with the DRC. Smallville didn't fair as well but still not bad. There is so much to tweak. I go on vacation for 5 weeks in 2 days so I will post my optimal settings this weekend.

3. I had to get right on the set and look for the pixels on an input with no picture. I only have 3. Take one step back or put a picture on the screen and you absolutely cannot see them. Don't even worry about it.

4. Night viewing is great. The blacks are still dark grey. If you can handle this then there are no worries. Of course brightness affects this directly.

More to come later. And I will try those Pro settings later jmv. :)
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You are talking about Sony's Grand Wega KF-60DX100 right?

What are the native modes it supports, 480p, 720p, etc? So lets say Splinter Cell supports 480p, does it get upconverted 1080i or down converted to 480i. Or is it displayed in 480p? How do you know which mode you are currently viewing as for as 480p/i, 720p, 1080p/i goes?


Oh nevermind, I just read a review on it. It seems to state it has only 480p and 1080i. 720p is down converted to 480p. But where the heck did they get this spec? Sony's spec doesn't mention any thing on that.

No, I'm talking about the new model KF60XBR800. The DX100 is the old model.
So what does the GWII do with 720p? Does it downscale to 480p, or just upscale it directly to 768p or whatever the native vertical resolution of the LCD panels is? (I would hope/think the latter is the case....)

-- Mark
The XBR800 upscales 720p to 768p.
So does it also downscale 1080i to 768p?
Of course... it's a fixed pixel device, so EVERYTHING has to be scaled to native resolution. Same with Plasma, DLP, LCD, LCOS, etc.

Thanks for the report and I am glad that you are thrilled with your new set! I am especially glad since I just got back from Myer-Emco and THEY HAVE MY GW 60" IN THE WAREHOUSE! So I paid for it on the spot and should get it in the next day or two. Can't wait! They do not have any HD200 receivers so I will have to do without HD for a while but this will be a giant step foward.

I don't know if this will help anyone that is trying to get the HD200 or not,

but here goes. I had my local CC check to see if any other stores had them

in stock. A store in California did and they shipped it to this store and I had

it 2 days later.
Originally posted by Daniel Tonks
Of course... it's a fixed pixel device, so EVERYTHING has to be scaled to native resolution. Same with Plasma, DLP, LCD, LCOS, etc.
Sure, but the question is, does the TV do something dumb, like first downscale the 720p to 480p, then scale the 480p up to 768p. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but some sets (possibly the first-gen GWXBR mentioned earlier here) apparently do this sort of thing, presumably to make some of the logic/circuitry simpler (at the obvious cost of image quality).

-- Mark
I finally received my HD receiver (Samsung T165) and got my locals tuned in. I have the 50" GWXBR. All I can say is WOW! Granted, this is my first HDTV, and while I've seen HD on some TVs in stores, it just doesn't compare to having it in your own home. Since I had no previous in-home HD experience, I guess you can take all of this with a grain of salt.

Even watching non-hd shows on this thing rocks. The OTA digital SD broadcast of Amazing Race 3 on CBS last night looked really good. Not quite HD, but it blows away what I get through satellite. It really makes me hate the over-compression that those satellite providers have to do to give you all those useless extra channels. I don't know what cameras they use for Amazing Race (digital would be my guess), but most of the time it was razor sharp.

Then I switched to FOX to see what their enhanced definition widescreen programming was like. They were showing Fast Lane. I'd never watched the show before. All I can say is, results were mixed. Being 480p, some shots were soft, while others looked good. They really pump up the colors on this show. The greens and blues and reds were simply gorgeous. I wish it had been true HD. Maybe someday FOX will learn.

After that, I swithced to NBC for some Law and Order in true HD. It looked pretty good, but a little flat. At the fifteen-minute commercial break, I switched over to PBS, and they were showing a nature show called Sahara. It was stunning. This show even caught my cat's eye. He had been sleeping on the chair, but when he saw this, he woke up completely and sat there for a few minutes, eyes wide open. Then he hopped off of the chair and sat right in front of the TV. They were showing desert mice and cats and snakes. He propped his front paws on the top shelf of the TV stand to get a closer look at the picture. He craned his neck to try to see the side of the TV to see where these animals were coming from (or to figure out how to get in there himself). It was pretty funny.

After that, PBS was showing a Newport Jazz Festival. This looked really great as well. Very sharp and 3D-like with great colors. Nice shots of the performers and boats on the water and of the crowd. I had to force myself to turn off the TV, as it was 11:20, and I otherwise would have watched the thing until midnight (or whenever it ended).

Needless to say, I am very happy with my purchases (TV and HD receiver). I'm looking forward to catching CSI tonight. Another show I've never watched, but if it's as good (both PQ and content-wise) as people say, I'm sure I'll be a new regular.

Thanks to all the people on this forum who steered me towards this TV and to ftlee and mchilli for helping me get a great deal on this set.


BTW, I switched the output on the HD receiver between 1080i and 720p, and I saw no discernible difference. I also flipped through the different Picture modes and settled on Standard, though even Vivid looked good with HD material.
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Yeah, last night's HD lineup was okay. I thought the same about Law and Order, but it was as good as anything I've seen from NBC. Funny story about your cat. HBO HD had Tombstone on last night in HD. Really nice. Finally a movie that isn't crap in HD :)

Let me know if you see any artifacting in CSI - last week (my first night with the set) I saw a bunch but haven't seen them in any programming since. The artifacting seemed to be compression related and not transmission problems. Let me know how the OTA feed fairs. Unfortunately I can't watch via cable tonight or we could compare notes.

After tweaking with Avia last night, I settled on Standard mode for all my inputs. The settings ddburns and umr posted before were pretty much dead on. Playing more games last night, I realized just how sharp and crisp this set really is. It's almost computer monitor like. Well defined edges on game menus and no risk of burn-in. I am so glad I didn't spend the money on a CRT RPTV. And don't skimp on the dvd player. Progressive scan makes a huge difference on 60" IMO.
Originally posted by UUronl
Let me know if you see any artifacting in CSI - last week (my first night with the set) I saw a bunch but haven't seen them in any programming since. The artifacting seemed to be compression related and not transmission problems. Let me know how the OTA feed fairs.

CSI looked quite nice. I noticed no artifacting at all. I did notice some graininess, but I think that was in the source, as a lot of other HD material I've seen has been clean and smooth. The graininess in some scenes in the show that followed (Without a Trace, I believe) was horrid. I guess these shows are film-based.

I'd never seen CSI before. It's very Fincher-esque. The lighting (or lack there-of) and shots taking you into the human body to show a broken bone heal and inside a film projector would make David Fincher proud. Somewhat unrealistic, though. Like a forensics facility would really have such dark lighting. It's all about style, I guess. Cool show. I think I'll watch it more often.
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