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It's pretty interesting....all in all I think it's a great unit...

I'm getting about a dozen HD 2 stations although if the signal goes then that goes off as HD1 just reverts back to analog.

There's a few stations that are a bit off it might be due to distance (30 miles is it for reception for fm hd?)

The only problem I see is that it seems like Ibuiquities listings aren't exactly correct...or complete for that matter.

I'm getting 630 wpro am from RI and it isn't listed

I'm getting 105.1 wwli from RI and it isn't listed

I'm getting 92.3 wpro from RI and it isn't listed

Also maybe there's been some recent buyouts because I'm hearing Ozzy on a station that's listed under hiphop...(NOT that I mind...I prefer rock to rap any day)

There was also a few hd2 stations that weren't found but that's not a big thing.

For AM only a few came in (about three) but for a moment it actually listed 660am wfan in HD (well blinking that is) that's pretty damn far....

In terms of MP3's everything seems fine...dusted off some old cd's I burned five or so years ago and they sound great. The audio capasity is FAR higher than a regular cd...nothing is more frustrating than making a cd of podcasts of say 80 minutes (say four of 20 minutes) and because one was just a hair above 20 that it can't fit...well now it can.

Here's a odd question...anyone get any extra information on the screen? I know there's the station id and some text but I've seen a few things like the following

"How's the traffic!"

And one tries to sort of tell me the weather but just gives a temperture in boston...not bad for a start.
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