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Hello everyone,
I used this site for reference before but this is my first post.
I own 3 dlp TV
69c10.....first wanted bigger
73638.....was given free but wanted more features
73838....newest....ripped off
I meet from OfferUp app and when I get there she reveals she doesn't have remote. She also doesn't have it hooked up to test.
So she can only come up with an antenna to test the pic but she swears everything works good.
The pic looks great from antenna so I stupidly believe her and buy it.
I get it home only to find out that none of the HDMI inputs work at all.
It detects the signal but never goes beyond a blue screen.
After much online research, I think I am going to need to replace the main board. Part 934c381002
Now first, does that sound correct?
Next is there anything to try before replacing the board that might fix HDMI inputs? All rca inputs work fine just not HDMI
Next is there any way to repair board without just buying a whole new one?
I'm really feeling like I was scammed and of course the seller won't take it back. So now I'm stuck and REALLY NEED HELP BADLY.
I've had training in electronics and work well with fixing things.
You won't go crazy trying to help me. I have all the tools to diagnose and work on electronics. Except for an Oscope.
I just need help from knowledgeable people.
Please help me dig out of this hole I'm in. Thank you in advance.
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