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So I've been generally pretty happy with my HT setup for the last decade or so. But now with Lossless Audio, HDMI and Audyssey suite goodies , I'm wondering if I'm missing out on something with my old AVR. My current setup:

Display: Sony 55XS955 RPTV LCD (Has 2x HDMI input)

AVR: Denon AVR-95 (85 x 5 Dolby Digital only)

FRONT: Energy C5 Tower

SURROUND: Energy C1 Bookshelf

CENTER: Klipsch KV-1 (I know, don't match Front and Surround well, but great Center channel, I like it)

SUB: Energy ES-12XL (enough to shake the room when watching DVDs, though too slow and muddy for music)

DVD: Sony DVP-S7000 -->> Soon upgrade to BluRay

Other: Xbox, HTPC

Room Size: 15 x 20 (Only 5.1 setup, too small to do 7.1)

So I've been scouring Craigslist for some good deal on used AVRs. I like the power and features of Denon AVR-3805. But it lacks HDMI and Audyssey. Would I gain much by upgrading to newer Denon 1609 or 1610? Or I could spend $200 on the used 3805 and forgo Audyssey, Lossless Audio and HDMI switching? Budget is very tiny right now, about $250. Interested to hear your suggestions?
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