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GoVideo D2730 - How to determine installed firmware & upgrade

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I just got a D2730 via eBay and it works great for the most part. Is there anyway to determine the currently installed firmware in a system menu or hack?

I tried to put the latest firmware on there 3 separate times from 3 different types of media from 2 different burners and the player either locked up or said there was a CRC mismatch issue. Has anyone had this happen to them before?

I have a Gateway ADC-320 that shows the firmware right on the setup screen.

Anyone have any clues about the above???
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I thought the firmware was listed on the setup screen, possibly under one of the tabs.

I've upgraded the firmware on mine with no problem, just powering it on with the burned CD in the player. Are you using gateway's firmware or govideo's? They are different and I believe people have had problems with the gateway version.

Personally, I haven't been very happy with the player, it works really well when it's working, but it often drops off the network and won't get back on without rebooting several times. Hopefully, you'll have better luck than I.
I checked all of the tabs and the installed firmware version is nowhere to be found. I will not install the gateway firmware since I want to have a functioning remote control. But I am having issues updating the formware via CD-ROM image from the GoVideo website.

My D2730 works pretty darn well with the 10/100 adapter. The only issue I have is that it does not recognize TwonkyVision MediaServer for hosting files. MediaServer requires the latest firmware installed on the D2730.
I ended up getting another D2730 and a Gateway ADC320...The ADC320 works great with TwonkyVision. I would like to see how the D2730 compares though.

The problem is that both of the D2730's are sitting here...and I can't upgrade the firmware on either one. I tried several different discs and 2 different cd burners to no avail, using Nero Burning ROM.

Anyone have any tips/tricks to upgrade the firmware to V3 on the D2730?
I'm very familiar with the d2730's.

There are 'backdoors' in the system, on the thin-client, which allow you to do a bunch of differetnt things. I hate to say it though, its been awhile since I played with any. I actually sold my last d2730 via ebay also. Gosh, you might have purchased the thing from me! LOL

Anyways, while your in the setup menu, press the '0' button. Or, basically just press different numbers while in the main setup screen, for instance with the network, audio, video, and different menus on the top of the screen. Some numbers 0-9 will do different things. There are a few other backdoors that you can access, but thier a combination of key combos. One is a master reset. Which you probably should do.

As to your firmware revision installed in your thin-client, I think you can go into a menu, again in the setup screen, it'll show you on the bottom of the screen in small letters/numbers the revision. It'll just basically be number 3, the latest.

As to your CRC errors, It really sounds as if your trying to go backwards in the firmware.

What I'd do if I were you, is dl a new copy of the d2730 firmware.

Burn it 'slow' , as slow as your player can go without errors.

Turn on the d2730. stick in the disk. turn it on again, it'll show you a menu where you can update the software, update skins, or both. Select both.

The newest version is version 3. GoVideo more less abandoned any updates for this device. I was working on my own firmware but scraped the idea when I came across the Buffalo LinkTheater. These devices are really neat, and versital. I've already rewritten some of the thin-client code myself, changed skins, startup screens, menus, and icons. Its java driven! And can transcode VOB files!

If I can help at all, please write. I'll try to help.

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Originally Posted by NeuroPsyche
GoVideo more less abandoned any updates for this device.
Yea, that is too bad, one reason why I will not get any more GoVideo stuff. This device is OK, but not great, would have been better if they would have continued to update the software.

The server PC side sucks. I ended up writing my own MS Access code to import my shows. Their system just didn't work well enough.
Actually there is a new media server that allows the ADC 320 to play many formats it doesn't support natively (e.g. WMV, AAC, MPEG4, Ogg, WMA and more) and it even allows it to play online content (streamed from the Internet to the server and from the server to the ADC). You can google for tversity to find it, great user testimonials and very extensive FAQ.
Thanks for the great info guys...I wasn't aware tversity existed and I also didn't know that the LinkTheater is available. After much research the past couple weeks it looks like the LinkPlayer2 will be almost perfect for my needs. I'm gonna ditch the D2730's and get a LP2. I may toy with the tversity stuff since I'm gonna keep the ADC-320, it may prolong its life a while.

THANKS everyone!
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