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GoVideo Options appear locked, how to unlock? Other questions...

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Hey guys,

Hopefully I have some better results from this thread... I recently did the "rent-to-own" thing for my 42" GoVideo LCD HD Television. I have been toying around with the various aspects of it, best way to view, etc. One of the things I've noticed is that in the menu, there appear to be two options, which are greyed out and appear locked:

Advanced Options

Closed Captioning

I do not know if they are locked or not, just they appear that way. I know there is a place where I can attempt to enter a code, however I haven't used that yet as I don't know if that's entering a code TO lock it, or to unlock it.

Also, my friend who's a Comcast Cable Tech stated for me to view HD channels with the HDMI interface, and view regular cable with the Coaxial cable, that way the regular Tv will come in at a better quality. Is this true, or is there a better way?
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