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Govideo VR2945 DVDs won't play on SV2000Funai

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My recent addition GoVideo VR2945 recordings(DVD+R),will Test/Play perfect on my new MagnavoxDV220MW9 A!But after several of those same DVDs are played on a SV2000(Funai),Nothing! It shows blank disc!As though nothing was ever recorded.Says: "Blank Disc"!The SV2000 is from Walmart and plays everything else,as well as recordings made on it!The Magnavox,I purchased on April 1st 2011. So although the SV2000 is older These DVDs ,I've made on thwe GoVideo ,I've tried on other makes and work fine.One would think there has to be something in the SV2000?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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