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gp 3000 problems

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I'm a bit new to crt projectors in general and this is my first post so please bear with me on this one. I have an NEC GP3000 in my dorm room for all sorts of fun. Attached to it by rgb is a computer. I understand that the projector is supposed to be capable of 1024x768. I cannot run anything through the projector at more than 640x480. At 800x600, I get a picture, along with the "NO INPUT, CHECK INPUT LIST" message. Also, I can't do point convergence at this resolution. I can use the static convergence feature but I can't actually get a grid to converge it, therefore making it essentially useless. At 1024x768, it simply detects no input. That is my laundry list of problems with the RGB input. The svideo is also sort of useless for several reasons. First, there is always a significant amount of noise in the top 3/16th of the screen or so. On top of that, every 3 or so seconds, the projector flashes out of convergence for a second or so, eliminating any potential to watch anything using the svideo input. If anybody has any suggests regarding how to solve any of the many problems, it would be much appreciated. I've played with just about all of the settings that are controllable via the remotes but have had no luck. Hopefully somebody else has had more experience with this particular model than I have.
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It may be the power supply getting ready to fail.

Replace the old caps in your power supply before the little ICs fry. If that happens, the projector is toastal. There are some posts about it on this board, do a search.

I have a dead GP3000 in my basement if you need any extra parts. I sold the remotes but the rest is still there including the extaernal box. I am in Arlington. A guy I know has the manuals for that unit, he was selling them at the M.I.T. flea market on sunday.

Hi Ben,

Please come by and I will give you a low hour sony 1252 with a remote.

Uncle John
wow, you really do check this forum all the time...
You will have to register the new resolutions as new inputs first.

I think you get to the menu by hitting CTRL + Enter (simultaneously) on the remote.

You should have a look at the manual on registering new input signals.

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