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Hello. I'm looking for a cheap player to play .iso files on a 3TB GPT harddisk, preferrably internal. Does anyone have 3TB GPT harddisk working with:

1. Asus Oplay HD2 internal SATA port

2. Asus Oplay HD2 USB port

3. Patriot Box Office / PBO Core internal SATA port

4. Patriot Box Office / PBO Core USB port

5. Uebo M200 internal SATA port

6. Uebo M200 USB port

From what I've read on these and other forums, 2 should be OK. 3 and 4 may not work according to manufacturer's FAQ, but FAQ is 2 years old and hopefully newer firmware fixes it?

Also, if 3TB harddisk works, 4TB or 5TB harddisks should work when they appear, right? Or are there other potential limitations?
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