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Grafik Eye with timeclock

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Hi all,

I'm planning on buying a 4 zone grafik eye system, the 3104

I want to be able to have the lights controlled by a timeclock so I though of buying the GRX-PRG programming interface with built-in timeclock. This way I can setup the timeclock through a pc.

I also will have a keypad in my home cinema to control the grafik which will be placed in an aother part of my house.

My question ;

will the keypad in my home cinema room overrule the timeclock? Let's say my lights are activated at 7 o'clock in the evening. If I would come home around 9 o'clock my lights will be on, great! Can I turn of the lights by simply using the keypad in my room or do have to turn of the timeclock in some other way?

Also read some stuff about the grafik 3504 which can be entirly controlled through a pc. Is this really a good feature, is it worth the money or should I stick with the 3104 which can be used for with the GRX-PRG also?


Dolby Freak
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To answer the override ?, yes; but I have achieved this in a cheaper way, that works great!

Since you are this far in to the GE lessons, hopefully I can explain this and you will understand.

Parts list:


GRXAV Interface

low volt 4 wire for MUX link

Low volt DC plug in power supply

regular outlet

Intermatic 7 day "ice cube" timer (fits in a single gang box) from Home Depot

The timer activates the 110 volt outlet

The outlet provides power to the plug in power supply

The power supply activates the GRXAV

The GRXAV activates either a scene or can begin sequencing scenes 5 - 16 depending on how you set the dip switches.

The Ice cube timers are very easy to operate and program. And the Grafik Eye buttons work scenes 1-4.

I used this set up to activate a "sunrise" sequence for a client M-F, then does nothing Sat/Sun. It makes for the ultimate alarm clock :)
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thanks for your reply. I'll think I will stick with the setup I thought of. I see you use the GRXAV Interface, does this interface also contain a timeclock? Is it cheaper then the GRX-PRG programming interface I'm planning on buying. What are the features of this interface?


Dolby Freak!
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