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Grainy picture... not on regular TV

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I posted a previous topic about getting a grainy picture on lower channels. I believed it was a wiring issue... but I hooked up a regular TV to the same cable outlet I have my HDTV on and the picture comes in perfectly fine.

Is this an issue with my TV? I am not stretching the image, and this is having the cable go straight into the TV, no cable box. It looks as if I was using an antenna and getting poor reception... but it is cable and works perfectly fine on my regular tube TV. Any thoughts?
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Try reducing the sharpness setting and turn off any SVM on the HD set.
But if that were the case why is it that the higher channels are coming in just fine?
Lower channels are more subject to interference than higher channels.
Is there a way to tell what type of interference there is and how to remove this? And if there is interference then why does this interference not appear on the regular TV?
What size is the regular TV? Are you comparing the picture on the same size television? Obviously, larger displays will magnify picture defects and make them more distracting.
Also HDTV's with a higher then SD native resolution mode tend to magnify the interference when they upscale the resolution by creating aditional lines and pixels per line. Why the upscaling algoritnims tend to do this I do not know but I have seen it reported several times.
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