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I went searching, but couldn't find anything on the following issue on my LCD(Maybe it's not an issue). Or I was using the wrong words/terms to search. My configuration is as follows, PS3 via HDMI(720p) to LCD (Viewsonic N3252W) and Bluray movies (Pirates of Carribean/Casino Royale) for the source. I've gone through with the Avia DVD to set it up as best possible.

What I've noticed is that there is a graininess or slight pixel colour shift to certain areas. It is very much like watching analog cable (though not as bad) where it's slightly fuzzyonly it's limited to that specific colour. I'd almost say it's an attempt at looking more film like. Is this intentional or an issue with the panel only being 6bit and dithering the other colours? Mostly I've noticed it in grays, and gold hue colours.

I briefly had a Sharp Aquos LC37D43U that also did the same thing, (though only had that hooked up to upscaling DVD via HDMI).

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