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Grand Concerto in mono mode?

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Hello, I would appreciate some insights.

My problem is that I only have a single paired cable running to a new zone (outside). I have no way of adding a pair.

I would like to power one or two speakers.

Can the GC be bridged?
How is this practically done?
(Speakers in parallel or series?)

Will the bridging affect stereo for other zones listening to the same source?

Many thanks,
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So, you ran mono speaker wiring to your outdoor zone?

The amp in the unit is rated at 6 ohms, so you would need to do a wiring setup of series/parallel to ensure that the ohm load of your connected speakers, no matter how many there are, is above 6 ohms. I might try 4 speakers to keep it right at 8 ohms. It's the last image in this link:

Be aware that this unit offers preamp outputs for all zones so you could add a more powerful and more stable amplifier if you wanted to. So, a 2 ohm stable Crown amp could be added which could deliver more power if you needed it for this zone.

Lots of information on their product page...
Thank you for the useful links!

Yeah, I basically have a loose cable of 20m that I would like to use for an unplanned zone. Preferably w/o an extra amp as I don’t have AC.

My concerns are:
- how to get mono?
- can I damage the amp?
- will it affect other zones?
1. You can actually just use a Y-cable and combine the left/right channels into a single connection. It's not perfect, but it's not going to hurt anything. There are also stereo to mono converters. Typically it is balanced audio out, but you can wire it into a RCA cable if you would like. Those are like $50 or less to do that way if you want.

2. You can damage the amp if you have multiple speakers and they aren't wired properly. Hence, my links on how to wire the speakers properly. The amp will not be harmed by the input you are using.

3. Not sure how you are wiring things overall and how many sources you have. Since you have multiple stereo zones it may require you to do some interesting Y'ing of a source or two for this specific zone, then going into the software and connecting to the unit and creating one or two dedicated mono sources if you have room in the unit. Name them appropriately and only give the outside the availability of those specific mono sources. Also, you can slide the balance all the way to one side so the unit is only playing audio through that output.

In reality, I would use an external amp for your outdoor speakers, and then combine the audio from stereo to mono into that amp to feed the outside only. That way, your outdoor source gets a mono feed and you only have to go from stereo to mono at one location - the variable line level output for that specific zone.

There are instructions for the software, and the software on the Nuvo website which I previously linked to.
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Thank you, that was a very valuable post for me!

In reality, I would use an external amp for your outdoor speakers, and then combine the audio from stereo to mono into that amp to feed the outside only. That way, your outdoor source gets a mono feed and you only have to go from stereo to mono at one location - the variable line level output for that specific zone.
This conclusion is making more and more sense to me,
but I still have a few thoughts:

1) The stereo->mono converter looks very interesting. I suppose inside it looks something like:
- with above in mind, is it possible to connect speaker(s) without an amp? Am I not putting too much strain on the amplifier with two standard (6-8Ω) speakers?

2) I understand that you can also bridge an amplifier:
- how do I know if the GC will survive this?

3) On a less serious note, someone suggested this "device" to get mono:
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Trying to answer in order...
I haven't looked at stereo to mono converters electronics. I just know they exist and are pretty simple devices without a very high cost. You can also just use a Y-cable in reverse and it does work, but the signal tends to be a bit higher. Not a big deal really.

The next part is why I suggest a separate amplifier. Most amps are rated to 4 ohms. This means that two speakers in series presenting as a 4 ohm load, will work just fine with a 4 ohm stable external amp. Likewise, you could buy 4 ohm speakers and wire them in parallel to get a 8 ohm load to the amplifier. As long as you watch your speaker load to the amp, and it's within the amps specifications, you won't have a issue. Oh, and running 4 ohms to a 6 ohm rated amp won't 'kill' the amp. It depends a lot on how much volume you push to the speakers.

I didn't see a way to bridge the GC. This is a built in feature of amplifiers which not all amplifiers support. The GC doesn't seem to clearly support bridging channels.

Taking funny back to serious... That won't work well for mono. Tests prove that we can locate sound direction from a single ear depending on how the audio hits our ear. So, someone deaf in one ear can still localize sound direction. The more you know!
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I was hoping that I could switch a few zones connected to a Grand Concerto to mono easily by a simple configuration change using the configurator software. I think I would have found it if such a setting existed but I didn't. It surprises me a little that I didn't find it because the configurator for the tuner accommodates mono mode for individual stations. If NuVo didn't think about such a setting or decided that it was technically impractical for the Grand Concerto, that would explain why it doesn't exist. If the only way to output mono to the existing stereo speakers in some of my zones is to bridge the amplifiers, I'll probably skip it, especially because doing so isn't mentioned in the Grand Concerto Installation Guide.
@wardjk, would you like permanent mono zones or temporary ones? For one or several sources?

Below is what I finally did and it would work for both use cases. (At will, you could select the new mono source or the original stereo source.)
Thankfully there is no channel overhearing.
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