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Grayhawk or Dailte HC Da Mat?

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Tommorow i will be getting Infocus X1 and will be sitting 1.5x or more away from the screen. Manual pull down screen size will be 16:9 - 80inch wide. light ambient control but prefer totally dark while watching movie. Dark Red colour on walls and ceiling. Will be calibrating using DVE with panny RP82.

My question is which one is better contrast and not too bright toward e eyes when sitting away bout 1.5x from the screen?

Found that grayhawk gain is 0.9 and HC Da Mat is 0.8

I'm still dilemma bout this two which to get.

how? this is my first home theater.

any tips will be appreciated.
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I'm in the same boat as you. I'm setting up my first HT with a Sanyo PLV-Z2 and have the same question about those two screens.

Well I'll jump in. Both are neutral gray screens, as you said .9 gain on the Grayhawk and .8 on the Dalite. Now first thing, the Dalite is not available on a manual pulldown screen. The only material they offer that is gray in a pulldown is the HC Matte White, a 1.1 gain screen. The Grayhawk can be gotten in a pulldown, but only a tensioned one, so the price is not cheap ($1500-$2200 range depending on size).

As far as performance, both are very good. The Stewart definitely has an advantage where it would be tensioned, so you would not have to worry about waves or anything. It also tends not to be as dark, which I think would be advantages (assuming it is in your budget).

If you need any specific questions, please feel free to contact me.
jason, thanks for reply..

Well i guess i have to go with grayhawk since HC Da Mat doesn't provide for pull down.

as for price, i find bit way out price man.. perhap i find other solution..
Did you have to have pull-down? You can also buy the HC Damat material alone to make your own screen. That will be very price competitive, but obviously a fixed mount.
I dun have pull down yet and i could not use fixed wall screen cos it has window. will be blind the windows. still thinking of other solution..
hinge a framed screen on the ceiling. flip down for movie viewing. Flip up and clip to ceiling when not in use.
Hinge a frame screen on the ceiling? wouldn't that life yr head up high while watching? could be neck strain if watch for long. how bout that, hinge a frame screen on the side wall, just like a normal door. need to solder on the top and botton of the frame screen.

The room shape is rectangular with all concrete wall,ceiling and floor.

thinking another way...
One other option is the Draper High Constrast Grey, it can be had in a pull down and is a .8 gain. You don't hear much about it here but I got a sample and liked it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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