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Grayhawk Vs Da-Lite?

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I am intereested in opinions regarding a screen pick for my situation.

I have a ceiling mounted Sony VW-10HT LCD projector, watching a 16:9 120" image. The lens center is 75" off the floor and we sit about even with the lens.

My interest in the Da-Lite High-Power was generated by Bill Cushman's review of the 10HT with the Da-Lite High Power screen.

There is daylight in the room and it is dark at night. 90+% of our viewing is at night.

I understand that the Grayhawk has many good features and is ideal with an LCD projector but would the Da-Lite High-Power have any advantages over the Grayhawk in my situation?

Thanks for all answers.

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Hi Tom,

I have a DILA-G15 setup in a rear soffit, projecting to a 139X78 Da Lite HC screen 27 feet away. This is the NEW Da Lite material-0.8 contrast-gray. If Don Stewart wants to bring over a Grayhawk screen half the horizontal size, we could take some awesome digital photos, etc.

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