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Thank you everyone for your valuable information on my original post.

Obviously some info was more specific as to what I was looking for, but every post was appreciated.

I appreciate people commenting on their own TVs and experiences that they had with led TVs in general.

I especially appreciate the people that went on further and discussed the pro and cons, gave specific info to my issue, listed sites that gave reviews and stayed more on the topic.

It is really rewarding that you all have taken the time to either offer your opinions, your experiences or your expert guidance, whether it was only one theme or all three of the areas under discussion.

I do have a few follow up questions, that were generated a little from all the posts and also what I am being told at some stores.

While I am never sure if I can believe the sales person that just wants to sell me a TV as fast they can, but I am a little confused now on a subject that might be tangent to my first post and this specific Forum.

1) Can some of you please give me suggestions of sites that give knowledgeable expert advice, rating and reviews for TVs? The few that some of you listed are ones I have visited and some I had not.

I know and appreciate everyone concentrated their help on my main question about the led TVs, but there was a smaller question at the end of the post that probably got lost in the essence of it.

2) Besides the specs I listed in my original post, do you feel there are any other significant ones I should be concerned about that people feel are other key features I should be addressing.

The specs I originally stated was that I wanted a led TV containing full backlight configuration with local dimming, true 240Hz, 1080p resolution, internet connectivity and can or cannot have 3D.

3) Does anyone have experience and advice about buying a 3D TV vs. a 2D? I have been told that more and more movie DVDs and television shows will be in 3D.

I have also been told that the current 3D is a waste and I should wait until 3D has really been effective. So at this time, which do you feel is the best way to go?

Finally the room we watch TV in is normally bright during the day, but we usually watch TV most of the time at night, with either no lights on or maybe just one lamp. So after discussing this information with a sales person, they recommended I consider a Plasma TV instead of a led. So this is why I ask my last question.

Based on our viewing times in our TV room, should I really follow one of the sales person's advice and now consider buying a plasma vs. a led TV?

I am convinced from my research and your advice that if I do buy a LCD TV, it will be a led TV containing full backlight configuration with local dimming, true 240Hz, 1080p resolution, internet connectivity and can or cannot have 3D.

4) So does anyone have an opinion concerning the dilemma I now have of buying the led TV above vs. a plasma?

At long last as I stated in my original posting, I am completely new to these type of websites and forums where people try to help other people with their questions.

I realize I have asked 4 questions in one post, but is this okay or is it more appropriate that I ask each specific question in separate posts?

I also comprehend that this is a LCD forum, so should my fourth question be posted in the plasma forum or is it reasonable to post it here, since it is a tangent dialogue in a continuation of my original posting?

I also thought that if I added this particular post at the end of the last one for my original post, that it would be lost.

I thought if I wanted some further advice it would attract more discussion, especially since I imagine most people that have already seen my original posting or discussed the subject, will not continue to read more postings at the end of the original posting.

Hopefully this is appropriate.

At any rate I apologize ahead of time for going on too long, but I wanted to try and be clear of my questions on my TV subject.

Thank you very much,

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