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I recently sold off my 5.2 surround sound setup due to financial/living reasons and have gone the stereo route starting up with a pair of wharfedale atlantic 500s and my trusty old sherwood receiver.

The speakers are fantastic and have fairly high sensitivity (93db 1w/1m) but I still find the sherwood doesn't have the juice to really push them, especially in regards to low frequency response. In comparison my previous receiver, a Sony STR-DA5700ES, had a lot of clean power and made my speakers sing no matter how loud they got. There were also a lot of modern features it had that my sherwood lacks such as USB video/audio playback, network features, digital connectivity etc...

So I really want to get a new receiver for my stereo setup, however I don't want anything beyond a 2 channel stereo receiver. I am happy to go with separates but I live in Australia so I'm limited (I can't get emotiva equipment for example).

The essentials features for me are:

-Decent amount of power. The speakers are in a big room and I do like to push them, also since I'm not using a subwoofer I use their full frequency response which seems to make them a lot more power thirsty.

-USB audio/video playback. Video isn't ABSOLUTELY essential but it would be nice. audio however is a must.

-Digital connectivity. I know it's pretty much impossible to find a good stereo receiver with HDMI connections however I still want optical for a blu-ray player/ps4.

-Network connectivity/streaming. Definitely prefer wi-fi but I do have a universal network adaptor.

So far the only receiver I've been able to find that ticks all these boxes is the Yamaha R-N500 ( http://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/hifi-components/stereo-receivers/r-n500_g/?mode=model ), although I don't have a clue how powerful it actually is since the manufacturer specs are generally useless and there are no proper measurements I can find.

Any thoughts on this receiver? Any other suggestions?

All help is appreciated!
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