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Great Price DTC-100 $250 New!

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Brands Mart [email protected] Sawgrass Mills Mall, Sunrise Fl

RCA DTC-100 $248.88 New Unopened, No contract, No credit card

I see them selling for $350+ used on ebay. WOW!!

And.. it kicks butt although Line Doubler doesn't keep up with dScaler! :D
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Where did you see this Ad or were you in the store or what?

I just called that store and they stated that there is a one year contract.
I bought it on Thursday for that price. I have it hooked up and it is not bad! :) HDNet off the disk is nice. Our local PBS has some fantastic shots as well.

I think you have to go into the store and say "I want the DTC-100, I heard it's $250" and you are out the door. No contract required for me.

Good luck.. it's a decent unit.
Can someone please email me the phone number to this store?
Can you post a phone #? I'm in Tampa and would like to pick this up. Long drive, but would be worth it.
I tried to get it but they wanted a one year contract this saturday, I got the DTS-3000 at Ubid w/no contract for $500.00
Like some have postd I went to local best buy and talk them down talk to the manager.

Service menu?

How's that?

Please tell us how!!

Originally posted by lisnup65
I can get the DTC100 as an open boxed item for 200 to 250 everyday. If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected] . I know this is not as nice of a price as the new ones, but NO CONTRACT is required. Generally you get the unit, remote and manual. All are verified to work and you can get a 3 year protection plan for 30 bucks. These are either store demo units or returned units form customers that had them installed and were disappointed that they only got 1 channel of HDTV content from DTV or 2 channels of very limited OTA HDTV. I got my replacement unit and when I checked the service menu it had 6 hours of time on it.

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Speaking of Brandsmart....Why do they force you to sign the contract for DirectTV for HDTV receiver's? I have tried several times to buy the HD400 Mitsi box and no deal w/o a contract! I really only want it for OTA signal. There response was "well, ummm, I think there are a few HDTV's with these tuners built in, maybe you need to upgrade." I really had to laugh at that one.
on unit [info]+[down arrow] at the same moment if I remember correctly.

Remember when considering the used DTC-100's that you must add $29.99 plus shipping for a new access card as DirecTV won't activate a access card that has already been activated!
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