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Well I am trying to finish up my "general purpose room" and find that my Onkyo amp is in "amp protection mode". This is when it immediately shuts off when you try to power it up, it sits there and blinks "standby". Doing some research reveals that this seems to be a fairly common for Onkyo so I am looking to replace it (instead of fix it again) with a different brand.

Here is a rough layout of my room:

The screen comes down in front of a window that is about 12' from the seating area. The speakers are in-wall klipsch

fronts r5650w

center r5502w

sides r5650s

rears cdt5650c (ceiling)

sub b&w asw800

The speakers are supposed to be good as "in-walls" go. The they are part of the same series so they should "match" each other well. Behind the seating area is a knee wall about 42" high, and to the left of the seating area is a 5.5' wall. Basically the room is quite open with some knee walls. The "water closet" in an enclosure, but the rest of the 24x32 ceiling is open.

I don't really know what to expect from the speakers, but would like to drive them with an amp that will bring out the best they have to offer. My comfort level is up to $1000 or so.

Does anyone have any experience with Klipsch in-wall speakers and what amps work well? If not, what is a good amp in this price range? The projector is HDMI input only and I will be running various sources, so HDMI switching would be outstanding. The projector is a Mitsubishi HC1500, only 720p. Screen is a Elite Cinetension2 electric.

This receiver will be for HT only, I have a Tannoy in ceiling system for general tunes while playing pool, darts, or whatever.

Can't think of anything else which is relevent, so thanks in advance!


link to the treehouse project
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