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My great room does not have 4 walls and is open to most of the rest of my house. The entire space is at least 1000 ft2 with 10 and 12 ft ceilings. So I understand there is no way to get the perfect THX or Dolby parameters for a home theater.

However since this is going to be the main family movie watching area complete with front projector, I need some advice on speakers for this system. There is a large sectional couch and a couple of recliners in the room but the kids end up lying on the floor.

Since there is not a single main listening position, I am strongly considering Def Tech bipolar towers across the front, bipole / dipole sides, and direct radiating rear speakers. I also think going with two somewhat large subs to augment the integral sub in the Def Techs would be best also. I have the WAF for the towers, but I think will need to sell the second sub.

Have any of you had this type scenario to deal with and what did you do to arrive at the best compromise? I am open to other speaker lines. Budget for speakers in this system will be around 2500 - 3000.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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