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I followed the PG mechanical setup guide on Curt's site because most of it is applicable to the XG 1100 I have. Here's what it says for reference:
While looking into each tube, adjust the B or Background, or Black level, whatever you want to call it until the raster for that color JUST vanishes. Do it slowly, go back and forth if needed. I actually set my unit to where I can just barely make out the raster. It's personal Preference, as long as all 3 are the same.

For the red and blue the "B" values are around 55%, but the green raster doesn't light up until 75% and "just vanishes" at around 73%.

1. Why is the green so far off...tubes are 8.5+, and actually it even looks like the red has the most wear (I guess its older than the blue and green).

2. Is this value safe to run at? Brightness is 50% and my contrast is only 35% because I have a torus.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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