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green blotches on ABC HDTV last night

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Really bizarre watching Alias last night via the Boston ABC feed off ExpressVu.

First, the image was terrible at both 1080i and 720p - I had to crank the color setting unnaturally low and the reds were still glowing. Plus, the upper left hand of the image was plagued with, for lack of a scientific term, green blotches.

Horrible image. PLUS there were white sparkles.

Would someone kindly confirm they also saw stuff similar to this? CBS showed no such artifacting.


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I'm also watching HD on Expressvu and I saw it during Alias, a green rectangle in the top left corner of the screen. It was especially visible during darker scenes, of which there were many. A similar green blob also plagued ABC's Once and Again a couple of weeks ago.

So far, I've only noticed the problem during ABC's dramas, not on its sitcoms or movie presentations, nor on any of the CBS programming.
Had little green blocks or blotches during some of Alias last night via OTA ABC in Cleveland. (Didn't notice any big ones though. )They were a little distracting, but not as much as Miss Garner. (or sadly I should say Mrs. Foley.) :(
I noticed the following from the broadcast in LA:

-red spots/pixels flashing for a second all throughout the picture field (this is probably similar to the blocks/blotches mentioned in the previous post)

-the occasional green tint that flashes the whole picture (this was mentioned in a previous thread re: alias last week).

the 5.1 mix sounded great during the explosion scenes!
I wonder if the on and off green tint problem is limited to Los Angeles. As I said in the other post, it bothers me so much that I rarely tune in an ABC HDTV broadcast. I would think in a market as big as LA, they could get their act together to fix this.
No such problems that I saw from WPVI-64 in Philadelphia. A very clean, sharp and crisp HD transfer (much better than "Max Bickford" over on KYW-26), good audio, and some 'mosquito noise' on dark scenes (likely MPEG artifacts).

No green blobs or squares. Altogether, one of ABC's better 720p telecasts.

I've not seen any green blocks or tinting in Dallas on ABC, but last night's Alias did have the sparklies.
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