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green/blue/red pixels on dvd playback

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im trying to play dvds, on a radeon 8500 with a sony cdrw/dvd, no matter what software i use, I get green/blue/red blocks constantly flashing on the screen. Anyone got any ideas? thanks in advance.
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Please tell us more about your display, resolution, timing, connection type (DVI, VGA), cable length, driver, and software you use.


im using a sony trinitron tv, with the component dongle, 640X432, 30hz, some ghetto cable, newest drivers. It works great for everything, except dvds (divx, tv, mpeg, work fine).

I have the same issue. It looks like red and blue "fireflies" blinking on and off. It is most noticeable in dark scenes, and even in the black bars. It is spoiling my otherwise perfect DVD playback. I use TT1.56

I have found that it does this less when not using ffdshow, but I still see the fireflies. I have also noticed it in Sage TV playback and WM-HD disks using Windows media 10. Any ideas.

System specs:

Asus p4C800Edeluxe MD, P4 3Ghz prescott,

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro using DVI to my Samsung HLN567W tv. Cable is a monster cable and I have tested it using a stand-alone DVD player with DVI out and see on "fireflies"

Resolution 1280 X 720 60Hz

Catalist driver listed as (2dversion) and 8.042.040803a-016701c_ati (display driver version)

I just noticed some DVI port settings in the video control panel having to do with alternate dvi mode. Anyone know what these do?

Thanks with any help on this issue as it is very distracting when watching movies.
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also, my "fireflies" dont kick in until about 1 minute into playing the movie... very frustrating!
I've noticed a similar defect when I have ATi's MMC recording a TV show and I'm watching a DVD with PowerDVD 5. My AMD is running at 3100+, CPU is under 70% , 1GB RAM, MMC9.02, Catalyst 4.10 & XP w/SP2.

Just thought I'd add mine into the mix -- I feel it's a conflict or sharing of a codec or something. Odd thing, my MMC can no longer play MPG files. Must have messed up a registry setting, codec priority, or something. I feel it will return sometime later when I HOPE ATi updates their MMC and I do a complete reinstall of their s/w.
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